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About Andrew Blackwell

Andrew Blackwell has over 35 years experience as a Chartered Town Planner. Andrew has combined his knowledge and experience to set up Wessex Environmental Planning, an independent Town Planning consultancy service. It advises on a range of planning matters for landowners and developers across South East, to South West England. In his spare time Andrew acts as a volunteer River Warden for the Essex Wildlife Trust. He is also a West Ham fan & Dog Lover. For work and relaxation, he spends time between his homes in Essex & Cornwall.
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Planning & Basic Instincts

Two planning appeal decisions in July were thought provoking and made me reflect on how developers and consultants approach the promotion of sites. The two appeal decisions were for sites in Essex. One in Uttlesford and the other in Braintree District. Each appeal included issues of a lack of five year housing land supply, a [...]

NPPF Supreme Court Judgement

Perhaps like me, other planning practitioners have read the various commentaries to the recent Supreme Court ruling on the NPPF. It seems that all sides involved are positive about the judgement. They praise the clarity of direction it gives for planning application decision takers. It seems the judgement confirms that "relevant policies" in paragraph 49, [...]

New Settlements

In Essex we await strategic decisions from local authorities, who are seemingly well disposed to the creation of New Garden Villages. They can be forgiven for this stance given that the same appetite is shared by Central Government.  However, I do question the practicality of these schemes. They assume a build period that will last [...]

White Paper

The White Paper proposals to stimulate housing growth, has to be welcomed. It is not lost on me, when visiting various local planning authorities, there are real resource issues.  The idea of increasing planning fees, and dedicated to swell the number of planners handling planning applications, will make strides in quicker planning decisions. However the political [...]

Do your homework ….

I recently attended a Planning Committee where I had two planning applications under consideration. Each were reserved matters so the outline principles were established. The case offer gave an excellent presentation of each. Indeed it is incredible to see the degree of detail that goes into a committee report these days. I do feel at [...]

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Localism vs Growth

I watch the “stumblings” over Neighbourhood Planning with despair. The challenge to the Gavin Barwell written statement (December 2016) i.e. that if there is a 3-year housing supply then a Neighbourhood Plan policy to curb housing permissions takes precedence, I understandable. In this statement, we have yet another example of making up policy “as we [...]